Annual Report 2014

Corporate governance

Management Team

Finnish Industry Investment's Management Team implements the company's strategy and makes proposals to the Board of Directors regarding investment decisions. The Management Team comprises the CEO and the Directors of the company's operations.

In 2014, the members of the Management Team were:

  • Juha Marjosola (President & CEO until 31.8.2014)
  • Martin Backman (President & CEO since 1.9.2014)
  • Jouni Hakala (Director, New Investment Opportunities and Public Affairs)
  • Jussi Hattula (Director, Venture Capital)
  • Marko Häikiö (CFO)
  • Antti Kummu (Director, M&A and Buyouts)
  • Anne Riekki (Director, Fund Investments)

Board of Directors

The FII Board of Directors makes all investment decisions. The Board of Directors comprises the Chairman of the Board as well as at least four and at most seven other members of the Board. The Annual General Meeting elects the members and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors elects from amongst its members a deputy Chairman, and also appoints the President & CEO of the company. The President & CEO reports regularly to the Board of Directors about the company's business operations.

Board committees:

  • Auditing committee: The duties of the auditing committee mainly involve preparation of matters relating to the company's financial reporting, financial monitoring and auditing.
  • Remuneration committee: The duties of the remuneration committee include preparation of matters relating to remuneration of management and to the company's remuneration systems.

The members of the Board of Directors in 2014 were:

  • Jukka Alho (Chairman of the Board until 31.8.2014)
  • Sakari Tamminen (Chairman of the Board since 1.9.2014)
  • Urpo Hautala (Financial Councellor, Ministry of Finance)
  • Esa Lager
  • Johanna Lindroos (Partner, Dasos Capital Oy) - the member since 24.9.2014
  • Mika Niemelä (CFO, Ministry of Employment and the Economy)
  • Annamarja Paloheimo (‎Head of Branch Region, Uusimaa area, Nordea Bank Finland Oyj)
  • Riitta Tiuraniemi
  • Inka Mero - the member until 26.5.2014
  • Tuomo Rönkkö - the member until 13.1.2014

Investment Council

The Investment Council functions as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and promotes the company's community relations. The Investment Council represents all the major stakeholders of the company.

The members of the Investment Council in 2014 were:

  • Antti Tanskanen (Chairman)
  • Mika Kari (MP, Social Democratic Party)
  • Ari Korhonen (Business Angel)
  • Olli Koski (Chief Economist, Central Organisation for Finnish Trade Unions SAK)
  • Veli-Matti Mattila (Chief Economist, Federation of Finnish Financial Services) - the member since 20.5.2014
  • Lasse Männistö (MP, National Coalition Party)
  • Arto Pirttilahti (MP, Centre Party)
  • Pekka Soini (Director General, Tekes)
  • Tommi Toivola (Senior Advisor, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK)
  • Kaj Turunen (MP, The Finns Party)
  • Matti Bergendahl - the member until 20.5.2014
  • Kaija Erjanti - the member until 20.5.2014

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