Annual Report 2014

Responsible investment

Finnish Industry Investment's Board of Directors has confirmed the company's principles for responsible investment:

Responsibility in investment activities

The underlying principle in responsible investment is to actively and constructively influence issues regarded as relevant and to act in concert with stakeholders. The primary target is to promote changes that foster corporate responsibility through discussion and encouragement, if any needs for improvement are observed. In the best case, by contributing experience an investor can assist in bringing about a change in ways of operating.

FII's principles of responsible investment are applied in all investment activities, which can be divided into three categories:

  • investments in funds,
  • investments directly in portfolio companies,
  • and asset management.

The standpoints of FII's responsible investment are as much about identifying new investment opportunities as managing risks. Responsibility in investment activities is a part of the investment and decision-making process, and an element of good corporate governance. FII adheres to the principles of responsible investment also in managing the assets of Finnish institutions, with the aim of maximizing economic benefit.

FII monitors developments and practices in the corporate responsibility of its portfolio companies through board work and other channels of interaction. Opportunities for influencing different fields vary greatly from company to company, as the emphasis on each aspect differs between sectors and geographical areas.

FII conducted the previous year a questionnaire survey of its portfolio companies and of the companies managing the funds in its portfolio. The questionnaire asked about their corporate responsibility and plans for developing it. The results showed that the respondents address corporate responsibility and its development in their companies, and that most have published their principles and practices with regard to responsible investment and corporate responsibility. The questionnaire survey will in future be conducted regularly, at two-year intervals, thereby strengthening FII’s knowledge about the long-term targets and future plans of its portfolio companies with regard to corporate responsibility.

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