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We offer Finnish and international private equity and venture capital funds a responsible, long-term investor with leading expertise in the field.



BC Platforms Closes USD $15 million Series C Financing and Signs Partnership with IQVIA to extend Data Analytics in Genomics

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, today announced that it has closed a 15 million USD financing round alongside a new commercial partnership with IQVIA™ (NYSE: IQV). The round was led by IQVIA in conjunction with...


Endev receives EUR 4.3 million in financing for scaling up wastewater sludge solution

Endev, a Finnish company extracting energy and nutrients from wastewater sludge, has raised EUR 4.3 million and is scaling up its technology to full industrial production. State-owned Tesi will co-invest in the company along with Sinituote Ltd, Tejus...


Earlier success fuels oversubscription: Lifeline Ventures raises EUR 130 million for a new fund

Venture capital firm Lifeline Ventures has raised EUR 130 million for a new fund, an amount that sets a new record for fundraising in Finland. The company invests in Finnish technology companies in all their development stages: from first-round inves...


DevCo Partners strengthens its investor base by raising €180m of long-term commitments for its next platform investment

DevCo Partners has raised €180m of long-term capital for its next investment platform. DevCo aims to create global success stories by focusing on a limited number of carefully selected companies, hands-on involvement in company development, and a lon...


Tesi to strengthen Fira’s power to change

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd (Tesi) invests in Fira to help to modernise the construction sector into solutions that serve people and the environment. Fira’s goal is to increase its impact and, together with its customers and partnership network,...