Annual Report 2015

Mission, vision and values

We invest in growth and we develop Finland’s venture capital industry

Our investments are channelled into growth companies both through private equity and venture capital funds and via direct investment in the companies. Our key principle is to work hand-in-hand with private investors from Finland and abroad, thus increasing risk-taking capability, the availability of funding, investment expertise and networks.

We promote the development and internationalisation of Finland’s private equity and venture capital market with investments in funds. Through our networks both venture capital and valuable business expertise are channelled into the expansion of growth companies into international markets. Our direct investments strengthen growth and competitiveness in promising sectors. Our targeted investment programmes are aimed at renewing economic structures in selected industrial sectors.

We are an internationally recognized investor and an active owner respected by our portfolio companies

Over its 20 years of operation, Finnish Industry Investment has built a professional organisation and accumulated solid expertise and investment knowhow. We maintain and develop our skills continually through personnel training and international cooperation. We aim to bring best industry practices and international expertise to Finland’s private equity and venture capital sector. We can provide international investors with local expertise and partnership.

We contribute to building Finland’s wellbeing and renewing the country’s structures. We grasp new challenges and opportunities quickly and flexibly in a changing business climate. We play an active role as an owner of companies and as an investor by contributing our own expertise – as well as that of our network of partners – to developing the business operations of companies.

Our responsible investment policy aims to produce positive social and economic benefits as well as returns for investors.

Our operations are responsible, transparent and profitable

Operation on market conform terms

Our investments are made on market conform terms. Each investment is always made hand-in-hand and on equal terms with a private lead investor or investors. Market-based operation is the best way to develop the market over the long-term. Investments are allocated according to market mechanisms and, supplementing this, in companies that are the most viable and have the best social and economic impact.

Economic viability

The company’s operations are commercially viable. Our target is that over the long term the return on investment exceeds the general level of inflation. Economic viability also means achieving a viable result in terms of Finland’s industrial policy – in other words, meeting the targets set for economic impact.


Our activities promote corporate responsibility. We address and promote the principles of responsible investment not only in our own operations but also in those of our portfolio companies.
We operate as an owner over the long term, and wherever possible in our activities and decisions we also address the needs of other interest groups.

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