Annual Report 2015

Investments in funds

We develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market

We made new investments, totalling €66.7m (€42.3m), in seven new funds. Investment commitments were given to four venture capital funds and three later-stage funds. Three fund investments catalysed the creation of new Finnish funds, which expect to raise over €350m in total capital.

We exited from seven fund investments when the funds came to the end of their term during the year.

FoF Growth II continued its investment activities according to its investment plan, making new investment commitments amounting to €37.5m in three new funds during the year.


Fund investments and investment commitments in 2015
Finnish Industry Investment
Fund Commitment (€m)
EQT VII (No. 1) Limited Partnership
Life Sciences Partners V C.V.
Lifeline Ventures Fund III Ky
MB Equity Fund V Ky
Open Ocean Fund 2015 Ky
Polaris Private Equity IV K/S
Total 66.7
FoF Growth II
Fund Commitment (€m)
Juuri Rahasto Ky
Lifeline Ventures Fund III Ky
Open Ocean Fund 2015 Ky
Total 37.5

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